Crazy Colour Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 100ml (Bubblegum Blue)

For a long-lasting effect, permanent hair dye is perfect and offers full coverage of hair

Using permanent hair dye is the perfect way to get full coverage of the colour youíve chosen for your hair. Unlike temporary dyes, it is longer lasting and will provide your hair with a thicker colouring. You donít always have to fully cover your hair either, you could use foils and apply highlighting for a change instead.

There are several techniques used by hairdressers in the application of permanent hair dye including foiling, the cap technique and dip dyeing. Each one will give you a different result, itís just up to you to choose what would suit you best.

For Longer Lasting Colourful Hair, Choose Quality Permanent Hair Dye

Itís possible to get permanent hair dye from your local health store and on the high street these days, so you can do the colouring procedure yourself. Itís inexpensive and incredibly easy to do, just follow the instructions provided and take on board the advice given about caring for your hair after dyeing.

There are, however, a whole range of colours, shades and tones to choose from with permanent hair dyes, which is where things get a bit complicated. You need to decide on the right colour for you, and try not to listen to what other people say, unless they're a professional. Certain colours may not be successful with your type of hair, so itís essential you put some thought into it, especially because youíll be living with it for a while. There are several things you need to be aware of before you jump in and start dyeing.

It is known that permanent hair dye can cause serious damage to hair, and leave it in bad condition. There are a number of chemicals in hair dyes which affect natural pigments and have even been found to replace them. As well as your hair ending up in a terrible condition, it can also affect your skin, with people being known to have extreme allergic reactions to the harsh chemicals. Whilst we don't want to make you think that you will turn into a walking allergic reaction, itís imperative you follow the instructions carefully.

Reinvent Your Look In Vibrant Colour With Permanent Hair Dye!

  • Permanent Hair Dye Allows You To Achieve Colourful Hair For Longer
  • Available In A Huge Range Of Natural & Colourful Shades
  • Dyes From Respected Brands In The Hair Care Industry
Although permanent hair dye does have its negatives, it isnít all doom and gloom. Hair dye will give you a new lease of life, and is guaranteed to change your look. It's just important that certain strand tests are done to check for allergic reactions before dyeing your hair and that the instructions are followed thoroughly - theyíre there for a reason!

Be safe and sensible when using hair dye, and enjoy your fresh, new and long-lasting colour.

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