Crazy Colour Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 100ml (Bubblegum Blue)

Using home hair dye is a popular way to give yourself a new look without paying out but there are a few tips you need to know before you start do it yourself!

When home hair dye became available it made it a lot easier for women and men to get the look they wanted without paying loads of money in a salon. The point of dyeing your hair at home is to make the process quicker, easier and cheaper.

There are many benefits from doing it yourself but some people also come across home hair dye problems, which is why it is important to think about it properly before you open that new dye.

Important Home Hair Dye Tips

Tip number one for home hair dye is to ensure that you pick the correct colour from your brand whether it is Manic Panic hair dye, Stargazer or La Riche. Always remember going from dark to light is a lot harder than going from light to dark and may result in a colour you werenít expecting.

When people go from dark to light, they usually have it done professionally as you can end up with a copper colour. However, putting a dark colour on your hair is easier to handle and is more likely to come out perfect.

Another tip for home hair dye is to always read the instructions. It would be terrible to start dyeing your hair and then realise you forgot to put your gloves on, so always read the instructions first, even if you have done it before because all hair dyes are different. Also when dyeing your hair at home, always be prepared. This will ensure that colouring your hair will go more smoothly.

Remember these tips and dying your hair should become a lot easier.

Home Hair Dye Isnít Always The Best Choice

Here are few a handy extra tips to remember:

  • Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment Before Using Home Hair Dye
  • Always Read The Instructions On The Packaging Before Use
  • Get Supervision When Dying For The First Time Or Ask For Professional Advice
Even though home hair dye is cheaper, it isnít as safe as getting your hair done by a professional. When dyeing your hair at home you can easily put the wrong colour on your original shade or even have missed spots, which definitely makes the outcome less attractive.

If you enjoy changing your hair colour and want it to be perfect make sure you read these tips and all of the instructions that come with your DIY home kit.

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