AC/DC Mugs

Ever feel like youíre not as excited by your tea or coffee as you could be? A bolt of lightning through your AC/DC mugs will change all of that, putting the kick back in to your morning hot drink!

AC/DC mugs are inspired by the heavy metal and hard rock innovators, and band mugs are an increasingly popular way of expressing your taste in music in the office or at home. Since 1973 the Australian hard-rockers have been influencing the rock music genre, and now they can influence your tea and coffee too.

An AC/DC Mug Will Warm Up Your Morning

Crawling out of bed can be a hard task, especially when itís cold outside. Many of us take solace in heading straight for the kettle in order to warm ourselves up and give us the start to the day we need, and now with these AC/DC mugs there will be an extra kick to that morning cuppa, no matter how cold it is outside.

You donít need anyone to tell you that AC/DC mugs looks brilliant in any cupboard, but itís nice to hear anyway!  Usually made out of ceramic, AC/DC mugs always feature the iconic AC/DC branding with lightning bolt, featuring dark backgrounds and colourful, devil-like photos and text.

Shake Up Any Cupboard With AC/DC Mugs

AC/DC are part of the rock and roll hall of fame and, and their sound has been described by Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler as "the thunder from down under that gives you the second-most-powerful surge that can flow through your body,Ē giving you some idea of how powerful and recognisable the band and their music continue to be as rock evolves. No wonder then that the population of AC/DC mugs in kitchens everywhere is growing, just as steadily as the band themselves!

AC/DC Mugs