Oakley Fives Squared

The Oakley fives squared design is one of their most modern styles, featuring a smooth design that is effortlessly streamlined and great looking. Instead of lying flat on your face, which can look unappealing if you have a smaller sized mug, these sun visors curve around the shape of your skull for a totally attractive and easy to wear look.

It's Hip To Wear Oakley Fives Squared!

Their distinctive look comes dripping in style, though Oakley never strays from the amazing technological design that they have become known for. You can pick up a pair of designer sunglasses with the innovative fives squared design in a range of colours and with different shaded lenses, including:
  • Polished Black/ Grey
  • Grey Smoke/ Warm Grey
  • Rootbeer/ Dark Bronze
  • Polished White/ Black Iridium
Choosing Oakley fives squared is a way to give yourself guaranteed style, as well as amazing design that won’t let you down. Easy to fold up and carry everywhere, these sun visors also come with a lightweight design that can make you forget you’re wearing anything at all!

The frames are designed to offer you a wide angle of vision and the curve allows for total clarity, so you won’t find that your vision is skewed in any way. Of course, every pair comes with Oakley’s own patented lens technology. This ensures that you have total UV protection and their Iridium lens coating reduces glare and tuned light transmission.

Ideal For Smaller Faces, Oakley Fives Squared Are Stylish But Sturdy

All the features add up to premium quality from Oakley fives squared sunglasses. With their range of colours that offer amazing definition, enhanced depth perception and expert protection against bright light, there’s no better choice.

The style the Oakley fives squared sunglasses represent is extremely popular, and their sizeable frames allow for a comfortable and sturdy fit around smaller or medium sized faces. This makes them ideal for women who are looking for their own pair of Oakleys, or for sportswear and active lifestyles.

In the field of designer sunglasses, Oakley have proven their ability time and time again, amassing more than 600 patents for eyewear that give them an edge in the market. If you want to give yourself that same edge, both in practicality and style, then check out the Oakley fives squared design glasses today!

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Oakley Fives Squared

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