Oakley Holbrook

If you know Oakley Holbrook sunglasses then you would know that they come from an inspiring brand that has worked hard over the years to create Oakley sunglasses that are perfect for every individual.

Jim Jannard founded the company in 1975 when he created an innovative design for the brake handles of bikes and his intelligent creation is what got him noticed. This led to his first collection of goggles, which were perfectly designed to protect eyes during extreme sports, including snowboarding and skiing.

One Of The best Designs In The Oakley Family, The Holbrook Is Truly A Shade For Everyone

Some of the designs available include Oakley Holbrook prescription glasses so that everyone can experience the best vision with their shades. After practicality, these sunglasses also offer stylish exteriors, ensuring people can possess great image as well as comfort. Within the Oakley Holbrook range itself, you will find various benefits that come with these sunglasses, and after decades of experience you can trust that Oakley know what they're doing.

All of the sunglasses, including Oakley Holbrook designs, allow individuals to experience the best out of their shades, which is why each pair has been designed with protective lenses and comfortable frames. The Holbrook range creates lots of bonuses due to the incredible care gone into the lenses and frames, these benefits include:

  • 6 Base Curvature: The shape of the lens allows for optimized peripheral vision as well as protection from all areas, ensuring that sunlight doesnít affect individualís sight.
  • Impact Resistant: This ensures that the lenses in these Holbrook sunglasses donít become damaged easily when experiencing impact and they meet and sometimes exceed the Z87.1 basic impact standards.
  • UV Protective: These lenses feature a material that filters out 100% of many damaging lights including UVa, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm, allowing you to head out into the sunlight without worry.
  • Glare Reduced: with a lens coating on these Oakley Holbrook designs, individuals can get the best visions possible in sunlight with the bonus that people still get the best clarity of vision.
  • Prescription Designs: These Oakley sunglasses are also available with prescription lenses, so that everyone can experience their powerful design.
  • Durable Design: These Oakley Holbrook designs offer long lasting durability to ensure that individuals can rely on them for a longer period of time than normal visors.
  • Three Point Fit: This holds the lenses in the précises optical alignment adding comfort and clarity to their design.

Perfect Vision Married With Perfect Style!

With so much to offer, the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses truly are perfect for all individuals. They allow people to experience clarified vision and no glare from sunlight, which is why they're so perfect for the extreme sports world. Even though their protective and practical design is important, these Oakley sunglasses also have a stylish finish that you can alternate with replaceable lenses.

With everything needed in these Oakley Holbrook sunglasses, it is simple to find the next pair of lenses for any holiday or sports event, which is why we are proud to have them right here.

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Oakley Holbrook

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