Oakley Antix

The incredible Oakley Antix collection of sunglasses is a range of Oakley lenses that were created by Jim Jannard. He was the founder of the company and when he first started creating his innovative ideas in 1975 he wasn’t greatly appreciated. This was until he designed a motorbike handle that was able to keep grip even with sweat.

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Jannard's success led to his production of goggles and then, soon after, sunglasses. The Oakley Antix lenses allow people to select a stylish exterior for their sunglasses as well as a pair that will enhance their protection without damaging their vision. These Oakley Antix sunglasses come in a variety of polarized designs, which help to prevent glare from affecting the eyesight of the person wearing them, which is especially useful in sports like surfing, snowboarding or even fishing.

The Oakley Antix shades have become extremely popular over time due to their practicality and style. You will find that with any pair of Oakley lenses there is incredible quality and care going into each creation, and that is no different with these intelligently designed sunglasses. Providing individuals with support, protection and clarity, there is no doubting that any Oakley Antix review will tell you only positive things about them.

The benefits that come with the Oakley Antix sunglasses include:
  • Optimized Peripheral View
  • Three Point Fit Holds Lenses In Precise Optical Alignment
  • Impact Resistance That Meets ANSI Z87.1 Standards
  • UV Protection
  • Minimized Glare Due To Polarized Lenses
  • Durability And All Day Comfort

Whatever Antics You Get Up To, Make Sure You're Wearing A Pair Of Cool Oakley Antix Sunglasses!

With all of this and more within these Oakley Antix lenses it is unbelievable just how intelligently designed they are. Their smart style doesn’t just only prevent damage to the Oakley lenses or eyes, but they also give a swish image to whoever wears them.

Allowing individuals to enjoy extreme sports or relax in the sun, these sunglasses have a versatile design that is even more diverse due to the lens change option Oakley gives. All of the sunglasses that the brand offers gives individuals a chance to enjoy the sun and sports without straining their eyes as they are protected.

Influencing fashion and sports for over three decades now, we are certain that you can trust in the Oakley Antix range to give you some of the best sunglasses around!

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Oakley Antix

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Oakley Jupiter Square Polarized Sunglasses (Black/Grey)
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