Here's your chance to enjoy rock n' roll designs from the mind of a real rockstar

Fashionable Abbey Dawn hoodies are an essential for every music lover; their punk inspired designs successfully reflect the musical styling of Abbey Dawn founder, Avril Lavigne. Since its introduction in 2008, Abbey Dawn fashion has constantly increased in popularity resulting in many of the designs becoming available overseas. Taking inspiration from her successful music career, Avril Lavigne has managed to create some of the most expressive designs in the alternative fashion industry.

The name of the brand was originally a nickname given to Avril Lavigne by her father which many of her friends used. When the brand was created it aimed at providing designs to the younger alternative generation but due to it's immediate popularity it expanded to suit the older generations too.

Hoodies Created And Inspired By A Modern Rock And Roll Star!

One of the more popular collections from the brand are the Abbey Dawn hoodies which feature a range of interesting designs, these designs include;
  • Rockstar
  • Pirate Love
  • Skeletar
  • Ellie Skellie
  • Tattoo Biker
Cleverly designed Abbey Dawn hoodies give every alternative individual the opportunity to express their definitive style, helping people feel more comfortable with their image. Since the creation of the Abbey Dawn clothing UK collection, more people are starting to find out about this fantastic brand, helping to bring Avril Lavigne’s designs to different areas of the world. With some of her most successful designs appearing in her music videos it really is no surprise that Abbey Dawn clothing constantly increases in popularity.

Worn By Celebrities And Rock Fans Alike

Many celebrities have been seen wearing some of the more popular designs, including; Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Caitlin Taylor Love and even Avril Lavigne herself. Canadian singer-songwriter and Abbey Dawn founder Avril Lavigne has made a big name for herself in the music and fashion industry, each of the industries has contributed to the success of the other. With everything from Abbey Dawn hoodies to accessories, many people are attracted to the variety of bold colours that this brand brings.

The rock n roll inspired designs featured on Abbey Dawn hoodies ensures that fans of the music industry are allowed to express their style. One of the main reasons that Abbey Dawn has become so successful is because when Avril Lavigne was creating her designs she always made sure that it was something she would consider wearing herself. Already hosting a number of Abbey Dawn fashion shows, Avril Lavigne has really helped her brand be the best it can be. So be sure to check out the collection of Abbey Dawn hoodies today and update your fashion sense with style!

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