Criminal Damage Dresses

The stunning Criminal Damage dresses, which are now sold all over the world, have a unique touch that you wonít find with other dresses and skirts. This company has been on the scene since 1991 and in their journey as a fashion line they have created some of the most outrageous designs and unique trends the alternative fashion scene has seen.

Stand Out On A Night Out With Criminal Damage Dresses!

The theme of their work is to allow the designers to relax with their styles and have fun with creating new lines. This is one of the reasons why their trends are so imaginative as the workers have freedom with their end designs. Some of the shocking Criminal Damage dresses and skirts that they have come up with include:
  • The Army Pinstripe Dress: This awesome idea is one that combines the style of a coat with a netted dress and the end image is absolutely stunning. It has a quirky theme that is perfect for individuals who like to have a rock chick touch on their dresses.
  • The Destiny Dress: One of their more summery dresses, this design has a long striped shape that is instantly brought to life by the large and vibrant print on the chest.
  • The Pyramid Dress: Bringing a more glamorous twist to the darkly inspired style, this dress has a fitted and simple shape that is certainly brought to life by its studded and collar design.
  • The Ship Dress: This wicked dress is perfect for the emo scene as it has a unique and dark print that is accompanied by an alluring shape that will look awesome on a night out.
  • The Penny Skirt: Adding an army twist to emo style, this skirt has a military edge that is brilliant for individuals who like to smarten up their alternative image.

Dress To Impress with Unique Designs From Criminal Damage

Always providing reliable and long lasting designs, the Criminal Damage dresses line has a brilliant reputation that customers depend on. Doing this for over 20 years, this brand has never failed to produce skirts and dresses for women that are unique to other styles and are high quality.

Each and every design is complete with the finishing touches it needs to impress on the fashion scene, which is why this brand has become so unstoppable. With even more Criminal Damage dresses and skirts on their way, there is no doubting that this brand will be around for much longer.

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Criminal Damage Dresses