Lucky 13 T Shirts

The range of Lucky 13 shirts are certain to please any lover of rockabilly fashion. This all American brand support vintage style and the glory of the 50’s, resulting in some fantastic designs that emblazon their shirts and vests.

Perhaps Your Luck Will Change With An Awesome Lucky 13 T Shirt?

Designed for men and women alike, tops and tees from Lucky 13 all come with a totally vintage look that is in your face and filled with attitude, so you know you're getting retro t shirts with a twist. With their catch phrase being ‘Tattoo Your Soul’, it’s no surprise that many designs for Lucky 13 are inspired by classic tattoo artwork. Other examples of their rockabilly t shirts designs include:
  • Vintage Signs
  • Skulls
  • Playing Cards
  • Insignias
  • Racing Inspired Design
  • Aviation
  • Hearts & Roses
  • Day of the Dead
Many Lucky 13 t shirts are made with 100% cotton, resulting in a comfortable wear that's flexible and great looking. Their high quality screen printing results in an excellent finish and bold colours in their rockabilly t shirts.

Taking the nod from vintage styles, their men’s printed shirts often feature a small insignia across the chest and a larger print on the reverse, resulting in interesting vintage t shirts that are attractive from all angles. Both women’s and men’s rockabilly t shirts from Lucky 13 have an excellent cut, with the women’s tops and vests hugging the figure in an excellent way. For the very best in rockabilly clothing, get some Lucky 13 shirts from the heart of the US.

Get Tattoo Inspired Style With Lucky 13 T Shirts!

T shirts from Lucky 13 are constantly being re-invented, with their small team of designers taking inspiration from some of the best in vintage fashion. Every top and tee is understated and cool, for men and women alike, and many come with the name of Lucky 13 proudly printed on them so there’s no doubt that you love style.

If you love grinning skulls and racing inspired designs then men and women’s printed t shirts from Lucky 13 are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Aimed at the stylish youth who long for liberation and alternative style, you can set yourself apart with a rockabilly t shirt from this excellent brand.

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Lucky 13 T Shirts