Ed Hardy Clothing

In 2004, Ed Hardy clothing was launched by Christian Audigier, inspired by the artwork of legendary tattoo artist Ed Hardy. With their tattoo apparel featuring some of the most famous tattoo designs in the industry, Ed Hardy clothing quickly became the place to get tattoo t shirts and other clothing for those who wanted to celebrate the ink lifestyle.

For Iconic Tattoo Artwork Style, Look No Further Than Ed Hardy Clothing!

Products from Ed Hardy bring tattoo designs to just about every area of your life, from accessories to apparel, so you donít just have to wear printed tattoo t shirts in order to show your love of authentic tattoo design. Ed Hardy clothing includes:
  • T Shirts
  • Bottoms
  • Dresses
  • Hoodies
  • Sleepwear
  • Knitwear
  • Swimwear
  • Kids
  • Bags
  • Hats
  • Beauty Products
  • Masses of accessories including belts, wallets, jewellery socks and sunglasses. 
Clothing from Ed Hardy celebrates how one man completely revolutionised the world of tattoo art and fashion. In 2002 Ed Hardy licensed a line of clothing based on his art and the immense popularity of that tattoo apparel has led to his own distinctive line of tattoo fashion products.

Encompassing clothing and accessories with his distinctive and timeless tattoo art, clothing from Ed Hardy can be quirky, cool, vintage and extreme, the perfect selection to suit the tastes of all fans of tattoo art. The first western tattoo artist to be trained in Japanese tattoo art, Ed Hardyís artwork has the perfect versatility for an extensive range of tattoo t shirts and apparel. You can give yourself accessories with classic nautical designs, extreme dark skulls and Japanese designs, ranging from out of the ordinary sunglasses to excellent jeans and tops. 

Pushing Inked Clothing Into The Mainstream With Style, Ed Hardy Clothing

Guaranteed to be authentic, Ed Hardy clothing marches forward in the area of tattoo fashion. For those who wish to compliment their ink, or art enthusiasts who may not have any tattoos of their own, Ed Hardy clothing is for everyone, including the gorgeous range of kids clothing for those who have to wait for a few years before getting their own tattoos!

Ed Hardy clothing has become an instantly recognisable style thanks to the immense prestige of its artist, with some of the most popular designs being replicated but without the quality that this brand puts into every product. The biggest name in tattoo apparel, Ed Hardy clothing is constantly releasing new ranges and designs to keep pushing alternative fashion forwards. 

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Ed Hardy Clothing

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